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Runwise Live Event: How to multiply your energy savings in mild weather


Here's a summary of the key points and takeaways from the discussion. Now that Spring is officially here (even if it doesn't quite feel like it yet), the focus was on taking advantage of the coming mild weather days to make big cuts in energy costs.

If you're a Runwise customer, Spring is a perfect time to review your settings with one of our Customer Success Managers (CSMs). Here are some of the things they'll go through with you:

Adjusting Temperature Targets: Lowering the day and night targets on Runwise can lead to significant energy savings without compromising tenant comfort. With the weather temps are creeping up higher, the Runwise system will monitor this and can keep the heating system off longer while the natural heat outside keeps the building warm.

Monitoring Savings in Real-Time: Runwise prominently displays savings in the app, encouraging property managers to aim for higher efficiency. Spring months should see a noticeable reduction in energy usage, with some days showing up to a 70% decrease. If you're not seeing savings, definitely speak with a CSM.

Addressing Return Line Leaks: A common issue in buildings, unnoticed, or even hidden, return line leaks can lead to massive energy waste. Watch for alerts in the app about leaks. Quickly fixing these issues prevent long-term energy and financial losses - as well as immediate savings.

Tackling Hydronic and Steam Systems
For properties not fully integrated with Runwise, manual adjustments to hydronic and steam systems were discussed. Reducing the maximum supply temperature in hydronic systems and adjusting the outdoor reset settings in steam systems can prevent unnecessary heating and conserve energy. It's not going to save you as much as if you had a smart control running the system, but these will definitely help.

Engaging with CSMs for Custom Advice
It's super important to be in touch with CSMs during seasonal transition times in the year. They provide personalized advice and adjustments to ensure Runwise settings are finely tuned to each building's specific needs.

Leveraging Alerts and Support
Runwise offers 24/7 support and real-time alerts to assist property managers in promptly addressing issues like return line leaks or suboptimal settings. Engaging with these alerts and reaching out to our support team can lead to immediate energy savings and operational improvements.

By leveraging Runwise's automated features, customizing settings for the season, and engaging with our expert support, building managers can ensure their properties are not only more comfortable for occupants but also more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.