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Live event: $50 Million in energy savings by these property managers


Event discussion recap:

Embracing Technology for Enhanced Operations

The panelists highlighted the significant role smart building controls play in modernizing property management through real-time data and analytics. This technology has enabled them to monitor building temperatures, detect issues like water leaks or heating inefficiencies, and make informed decisions quickly, leading to substantial cost savings and operational efficiency.

Real-World Challenges and Solutions

The discussion shed light on the everyday challenges property managers face, from dealing with tenant complaints to maintaining old heating systems in pre-war buildings. The speakers shared experiences, such as the creative but problematic solution of a tenant filling a blow-up pool using their unit's kitchen faucet, illustrating the unpredictable nature of property management.

Cost Savings and Environmental Impact

A significant portion of the conversation revolved around the financial and environmental benefits of using smart controls. The panelists shared their success stories in reducing heating costs and over-use of water, which not only improved their bottom line but also contributed to sustainability efforts—a crucial aspect in meeting compliance with climate regulation standards.

Future Directions and AI Integration

Looking ahead, the panelists expressed interest in further advancements in property management technologies, including potential applications of AI. They envisioned a future where more intelligent systems could further streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance tenant satisfaction.

Community and Collaboration

The interactive nature of the discussion emphasized the importance of community and collaboration among property management professionals. Sharing insights, challenges, and solutions helps foster a learning environment where everyone can benefit from collective experience.


The discussion provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of property management, highlighting how technology like Runwise is making significant strides in improving operational efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. As the field continues to advance, embracing these innovations and fostering a collaborative community will be key to navigating the complexities of property management successfully.