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Runwise Live Event: Co-founders discuss industry trends and new product development


Jeff Carlton, Runwise CEO, kicked off the conversation talking about his experiences as a property manager in New York City where he dealt with inefficiencies in heating systems in hundreds of buildings. These issues led him to partner with Lee Hoffman (Runwise President) to start Runwise. The idea was to bring technology into traditional heating systems to enhance efficiency and control instead of relying only on manual human processes.

Mike, Runwise Chief Growth Officer, highlighted the evolution of Runwise from installing basic controls to developing tailored, cost-effective solutions for property owners. He emphasized the company's transition towards more efficient installation processes and the drive to deliver immediate, tangible results to their clients.

Lee discussed the strategic shift from a purely technology-focused approach to a comprehensive service-oriented model. This transition highlights Runwise's commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and ensuring the delivery of services that guarantee comfort, cost savings, and ease of management for property owners and managers.

Later in the discussion they talked about new developments in Runwise's product offerings, particularly around cooling and demand response initiatives. These future directions aim to extend the principles of energy saving from heating to cooling systems, addressing the growing need for comprehensive energy efficiency solutions in buildings.

Throughout the discussion, key learnings and advice were shared, underlining the importance of understanding property managers' challenges and adapting solutions accordingly. The panel stressed the value of continuous adaptation, learning from real-world applications, and focusing on delivering solutions that provide real value to clients.