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Live event: how to measure your energy efficiency investments


In this live event, we discussed determining if the money you spend on energy conservation is actually driving real savings on your utility bills. 

Much of the talk was about how hard it can be to figure out how much energy you're saving and if the money you spend to be more energy-efficient is worth it.

Part of the webinar focused on how just looking at your energy bills before and after making changes isn't enough, especially because weather and changing energy prices can affect those bills. Tips were discussed to avoid getting tricked by these guesses, ensuring you get a true picture of the energy you save.

The talk covered real-life problems with managing buildings, like ensuring your heating system works correctly and fixing common issues without causing much trouble for people living there. Tips were provided on how to make small changes to save energy and keep everyone comfortable.

They highlighted how important it is for people to work together and share what they know about managing energy in buildings, showing how everyone facing these challenges can help each other (which is the whole reason we're hosting these biweekly live events). The discussion ended by encouraging more conversations and learning in the future, pointing out that working together is key to getting better at saving energy.