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Self-operating buildings transform the job of HN Gorin’s supers

  • Client Name: H N Gorin
  • Industry: Residential Property Management
  • Client Representative: Kimberly Paikos, Property Manager

Challenges Faced:
H N Gorin faced challenges with an outdated central heating system that lacked modern controls, leading to inefficiencies in managing the property's heating needs.

Solution Implemented:
To address these challenges, Kimberly Paikos and her team at H N Gorin implemented Runwise. This solution involved installing temperature sensors in upper units for better monitoring and an automated system for efficient heating control.

Results Achieved:

  • Automated Temperature Control: The Runwise control enabled automatic adjustments to the heating system, maintaining optimal temperatures and preventing overheating, leading to higher tenant satisfaction. 
  • Reduced Need for Manual Monitoring: The on-site team was relieved from the continuous need to monitor the boiler and external temperatures, thanks to the automation provided by Runwise.
  • Enhanced Efficiency of Old Systems: Runwise effectively modernized the old heating system, maximizing its efficiency despite its age, and making it compliant with modern energy regulations. 

Integrating Runwise at H N Gorin revolutionized the management of their aging central heating system. This technological upgrade resulted in enhanced energy efficiency, reduced manual workload, and higher tenant satisfaction.