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How Windsor Management cut their energy bills by $135,000 per year

  • Client Name: Windsor Management
  • Industry: Property Management
  • Client Representative: Philip Kiamie

Challenges Faced:
Windsor Management is responsible for the maintenance of older buildings and they faced significant challenges in managing high energy costs while providing essential services to tenants, particularly in the financially demanding COVID era.

Solution Implemented:
They implemented Runwise smart controls aimed at reducing energy consumption and costs. Runwise was selected for its capability to monitor energy usage in real-time and offer actionable insights for more efficient operations.

Results Achieved:

  • Significant Cost Savings: Windsor Management experienced a 35% reduction in fuel costs, translating into savings of over $135,000.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: These savings were achieved not by reducing heating but by using the boiler system more efficiently, demonstrating the effectiveness of Runwise in optimizing energy usage.
  • Financial Resource Allocation: The savings provided by Runwise enabled them to redirect funds towards maintaining and investing in the buildings instead of incurring high energy costs.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Runwise offered detailed insights into the financial benefits of energy savings, helping them to make bigger strategic decisions.

The adoption of Runwise by Windsor Management has resulted in substantial financial savings and increased energy efficiency. This case study is an example of the significant impact smart controls have in helping property management companies navigate financial challenges while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and tenant services. It demonstrates how strategic energy management can transform the financial and operational landscape of the property management industry.