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How boilers became the key to Windsor Management filling buildings


  • Client Name: Windsor Management 
  • Industry: Property Management
  • Client Representative: Philip Kiamie
Challenges Faced:
Windsor Management, an 80-year-old, family-run business, manages eight commercial properties. They have a diverse range of tenants occupying spaces from 300 to 40,000 square feet. A key challenge was providing exceptional customer service and ensuring the comfort of their tenants, particularly outside standard business hours.

Solution Implemented:
Windsor implemented Runwise smart heating controls designed for 24/7 monitoring of building temperature and water usage. Runwise was chosen for its capability to provide immediate alerts and control, especially during unoccupied hours, which are critical for commercial buildings.

Results Achieved:

  • Enhanced Customer Service: Runwise enabled Windsor Management to respond rapidly to tenant complaints, even during off-hours.
  • Operational Efficiency: The platform provided the ability to remotely control building systems, like turning off boilers, directly from a smartphone, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Improved Tenant Relationships: The quick and efficient response to issues strengthened the personal relationships with tenants, fostering a sense of importance and care.
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring: Runwise’s 24/7 monitoring capability ensured that any problems were addressed promptly, even when the building's staff were home for the evening.

Windsor Management's experience with Runwise highlights the heating control's effectiveness in not only improving operational efficiency but also in enhancing tenant satisfaction and relationships. The ability to respond swiftly to tenant needs, especially during non-business hours, demonstrates Runwise's value in the property management sector.