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Water monitoring can save thousands of dollars


  • Name: Greg Poverelli, Sr. Property Manager
  • Company: Harlem Property Management
  • Types of Buildings: Residential CO-OPs, Condos
  • Location: New York City 

The Challenge:
Trying to use water utility bills to identify leaks and overuse is a slow and expensive way to find water issues. The problem is that once you receive a bill where it's finally become obviously recognizable that there's problem, it's too late - you've already spent a ton of money on over use. And for utilities that bill quarterly, like in New York City, it can mean you end up spending many 10s of thousands of dollars on extra water before you even know there's a problem.

The Solution:
Harlem Property Management made the decision to use a water monitoring and leak detection device from Runwise. The device is designed to address the challenge by providing real-time monitoring of water usage and send a notification when there's an unexpected spike in water consumption. 

The real-time insights and alerts provided by Runwise have not only enabled the early detection of leaks but also enabled a proactive approach to water management. This shift from reactive to preventive maintenance has resulted in significant cost savings, with the potential to save thousands of dollars by addressing smaller issues quickly before they become expensive problems.

By leveraging real-time monitoring and alerts, building owners and property managers can now stay ahead of potential issues, ensuring that water usage is both efficient and sustainable.