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Smarter controls for buildings where residents control the heat


  • Name: Greg Poverelli, Sr. Property Manager
  • Company: Harlem Property Management
  • Types of Buildings: Residential CO-OPs, Condos
  • Location: New York City 

The Challenge:
It's really hard to cut central heating costs in buildings where the tenants control their own heating via PTAC units. And at first, Greg couldn't understand how smart controls on the central heating system, could deliver savings in these types of buildings. 

The Solution:
Ultimately several of his buildings decided to try Runwise smart controls. These buildings installed sensors to monitor the  temperatures in a large number of apartments. The new smart controls then precisely determined the optimal water temperature sent to the heating loops based on this both these indoor temperatures and a forecast of the weather. By finding the optimal temperature of the hot water loop every minute, Runwise was to make sure all residents were comfortable, while minimizing energy usage. 

Results Achieved:

  • Significant Reduction in Energy Usage: Runwise led to a notable decrease in gas and oil consumption

  • Cost Savings: The CO-OP and condo owners that Greg represented, saw substantial reduction in their energy costs, which had a sizable impact on these building's budgets.

  • Lower Carbon / Increased Climate Compliance: Runwise's ability to precisely control the water temperature based on real-time temperature data from different apartments lowered the building's fossil fuel usage substantially, making the building compliant with carbon legistlation. 

  • Runwise worked in every building: To date, there hasn't been a single building in Greg's portfolio that hasn't saved money using Runwise.

  • More Comfortable Tenants: Despite the focus on energy savings, because Runwise was able to monitor every aspect of the heating systems in Greg's buildings, he's able to ensure 24/7/365 that every resident is comfortable and the building systems are operating as they should.

By allowing for more precise control over heating systems, Runwise helps property owners strike the perfect balance between cost savings and tenant comfort.