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Property managers can be confident that their buildings are running well


  • Name: Matt Holden, President
  • Company: Sparhawk Group
  • Types of Buildings: Multi-Family
  • Location: New York City 

    The Challenge
    Property managers and owners work hard to maintain their buildings at peak performance, ensuring comfort and safety for their tenants. However, managing a building's heating and cooling systems effectively can be complex, particularly with the variability of weather conditions and the need for 24/7 responsiveness. The primary challenge for Sparhawk Group's clients was to optimize building operations without compromising on the quality of living conditions, all while achieving energy efficiency and managing costs.

    The Solution
    Runwise emerged as the innovative solution to these challenges. The Runwise system monitors external and internal air temperatures along with upcoming weather forecasts. Looking at all the data together, the Runwise system ensures that building heating systems run smoothly, maintaining an ideal balance between energy expenses and tenant comfort.

    The Results Achieved

    Energy Savings and Return on Investment: Clients have realized notable energy savings. By optimizing energy use, properties have reduced unnecessary costs associated with heating.

    Operational Excellence: With Runwise, property managers can ensure their buildings are operating optimally. The system's monitoring capabilities alert property managers to issues before they escalate into tenant complaints or cause damage to the property.

    Empowered Management: The feedback from users of Runwise has been overwhelmingly positive. The ability to monitor building conditions in real-time, directly from a smartphone, has not only simplified the management process but also empowered those responsible for maintenance with greater control and oversight.