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Millions of $$$ of utility rebates

There are literally millions of dollars of energy efficiency rebates available from your local utility to make your building more energy efficient.

If you're like the 99.99% of other buildings out there, you probably haven't claimed much, or any, of that money. And that is a huge missed opportunity.

We wanted to help solve that problem.

Today, we're rolling out this tool that shows you exactly what rebates are available and how to claim them.

Why utility rebates exist for buildings

Here's why these utility rebates exist - most cities in this country have set very aggressive carbon reduction goals. For example, New York City has an ambitious goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050. 

Cities have many different tools to help them hit these goals, but one of the biggest is by mandating that the local utilities create an energy efficiency fund to help reduce carbon emissions in that city.

The local utility has to actually prove that those dollars were spent effectively to reduce carbon emissions. And what they found is that buildings are generally the best place to reduce the most amount of carbon at the lowest possible price.

It's hard to know what rebates are available for your building

The good news is we've spent the last three months combing through all this data so we could build a tool to help you find all the free money available for your building.

All you have to do is click this link or fill out the form at the bottom.

The form takes less than three minutes to fill out and if there's money available, we'll put together a report within 48 hours to show you everything that you can claim for your building right now.

Even better, if there's a rebate available for smart heating controls, we'll actually do all the work to help you claim it.

Incentives from utilities are a gentle way for cities to guide buildings to energy efficiency, and I'm really happy that we're now able to make it as easy as possible to find all that money in one single place.

Finding all rebates for your building in one place

You can try it out below, or visit: