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Mastering energy costs in real estate's unstable market

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“Energy is the only controllable cost in real estate right now.”

I’ve heard this from a few real estate owners recently.

What does that mean?
Capital improvements are out of your control. The roof will need replacing, and the boiler will need repairs regardless of how proactive you are with maintenance.

Mortgage costs have skyrocketed - and that’s if you even CAN refinance.

Labor costs are up 40% in the last five years.

Compliance costs are an infinite staircase up.

Taxes, well, you know the expression… “the only certain things in life…”

Energy though, you can be proactive about.

Heating costs can be reduced with smart controls that learn what the optimal temperatures for a building are.

Energy isn’t wasted overheating or cooling apartments, and the output is matched with outside temperatures to keep tenants cool or warm as needed.

Water leaks can be detected in real-time before causing enormous waste.

Electric pumps and motors can be run at variable speeds instead of just on and off.

And these are just a few of the ways to radically reduce energy waste.

Rather than treating energy usage as a fixed cost, treat it as a variable cost, one that’s within your control that can be reduced by taking proactive steps.