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How smart building controls keep co-op shareholders happy

Client Overview:

  • Client Name: Brownstone Housing Corp.
  • Industry: Housing and Co-Operative Management
  • Client Representative: Lance Dashefsk, President

Challenges Faced:
Managing a co-op in New York City comes with unique challenges. Navigating regulatory requirements, addressing various operational issues, and fulfilling the high expectations of resident owners necessitated new approaches to ensure comfort and efficiency.

Solution Implemented:
Brownstone Housing Corp. integrated Runwise into its management system, which included installing temperature sensors in each apartment. These sensors were intended to optimize heating control based on live temperature data, thereby enhancing resident comfort.

Results Achieved:

  • Optimized Temperature Control: The installation of temperature sensors enabled precise adjustments to the heating system, ensuring ideal comfort in each apartment, leading to happier tenants. 
  • Significant Cost Reduction: The new smart boiler management system, enhanced with temperature sensors, resulted in considerable energy savings, and avoidance of fines from climate regulations like New York's Local Law 97.
  • Improved Response to Heating Issues: The temperature sensors facilitated immediate detection of heating concerns, vastly improving response time to problems.

The adoption of Runwise temperature sensors by Brownstone Housing Corp. has improved living conditions for its residents. This approach not only underscores their commitment to resident satisfaction but also highlights the importance of leveraging technology for enhanced comfort and heating efficiency in housing management.