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How HN Gorin gets zero heat complaints in their buildings

  • Client Name: H N Gorin
  • Industry: Residential Property Management
  • Client Representative: Kimberly Paikos, Property Manager

Challenges Faced:
At H N Gorin, the primary challenge was managing the property's temperature efficiently. Residents frequently complained about the apartments being either too hot or too cold, indicating an ineffective heating system.

Solution Implemented:
Management decided to implement Runwise. The decision was encouraged by the positive feedback from the property's HVAC professional who recognized the system's potential to revolutionize heating control.

Results Achieved:

  • No More Temperature Complaints: After installing Runwise, the property experienced a complete stop in complaints related to temperature extremes.
  • Efficient Heating Management: Runwise resolved the issue of unnecessary boiler activity, ensuring that heat was used only when needed and in a more controlled manner, leading to lower energy bills and climate regulation compliance.