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How Friedman Management saved over $2,000,000 on oil, gas, and water

  • Client Name: Friedman Management
  • Industry: Property Management
  • Client Representative: Cody Stryker, Attorney and Property Manager

Challenges Faced: Friedman Management faced significant challenges in managing their utility expenses, particularly in oil, gas, and water consumption. They were looking for ways to optimize their buildings' operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Solution Implemented: The management team adopted Runwise's smart boiler controls to improve building heating efficiency. This solution was chosen for its ability to provide comprehensive, real-time data on utility usage, enabling informed decision-making.

Results Achieved:

  • Reduction in Utility Bills: Since the implementation of Runwise, Friedman Management observed a remarkable 20-30% reduction in their oil, gas, and water bills.
  • Financial Savings: The use of Runwise has led to millions of dollars in savings, significantly impacting the company's bottom line.
  • Data Accessibility: The Runwise app provides daily updates on savings and consumption, allowing for transparent and immediate access to performance data.
  • Improved Tenant Services: With better insights into building operations, Friedman Management has been able to enhance tenant services, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable environment.
  • Community Impact: The savings and efficiencies gained have not only benefited the company and its tenants but also contributed positively to the broader community.

The adoption of Runwise by Friedman Management demonstrates the significant impact that smart heating controls can have on operational efficiency and cost reduction in the property management industry. The results achieved by Friedman Management serve as a testament to the effectiveness of Runwise in transforming building management practices.