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Heat Watch is now Runwise!


*This post was originally published on October 11th, 2021


We started Heat Watch over a decade ago with a simple mission: help buildings operate better to save owners money, make tenants more comfortable, make cities more affordable, and make the planet a cleaner place for everyone. Fast forward to today and this year Heat Watch will run the heating systems in over 3,000+ buildings, reduce heating costs and carbon output by over 20%, and take the equivalent of over 35,000 cars of carbon output off the road. Thanks to our amazing team, we’re having a bigger and bigger impact everyday on making cities cleaner, healthier, and more affordable.

Today we’re taking another step in that direction, with a new name: Runwise. Why the change? While our vision has always been to run every aspect of buildings better, we knew from the beginning that we had to build the absolute best solution for one application at a time. We started by only running one- and two-pipe steam heating. It took us more than five years to make a computer, wireless sensor network and software that could deliver 20%+ savings, easier operation for managers and fewer tenant complaints 24/7/365, in every single building. Over the last few years, we started rolling out support for every other heating system on the market, with the same relentless focus on results.

Over the last year, we have been quietly rolling out our first NON-heating applications. While 28% of carbon emissions in cities come from buildings, only a third come from heating. We’re incredibly excited to start attacking the other two-thirds with new non-heating services, which we’ll be talking about soon.

In the meantime, it became clear that as our products realize our ultimate vision of running every aspect of buildings better, our name needed to reflect that. Which is why we’re so excited to officially relaunch as Runwise. Almost every building in the country operates less efficiently and intelligently than it could, and we’re even more excited today than we were a decade ago to help those buildings run more efficiently and wisely.

Jeff, Lee & Mike