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Cut Water Costs 10% Using Your Water Bills (For Free)

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Water may soon be more expensive than oil. I know it sounds crazy, but water is becoming one of the single largest utility expenses for most buildings in the U. S.

And it's really hard to reduce your water usage, largely because it's being used in many different places throughout the building.

One of the more effective ways to reduce your water usage is to analyze your water bills.

Analyze water bills the right way. 

Look for things like increases in water usage over time. Either gradual increases or sudden increases at specific times, or looking for water that's running constantly in the middle of the night.

"Every building should be using the water monitoring tool because it will cut 10% off their water bills and is free."

Another technique is to compare your building to other buildings of similar size and use and figure out if your building is using more water based on its generic characteristics.

Together, these are tried and true techniques to turn your water bills into water savings.

This free tool analyzes your water bills for you.

The challenge is most people don't track and analyze their water bills because it requires a lot of time. And that is exactly why we built a tool to help do all this for you completely for free.

We've been doing this for our customers and now we're opening this up for public use (starting in New York City first). If you use this embedded form below we'll connect your DEP account, ingest all your water bills, and run this analysis for you every single day.

In real-time, we can tell you when your building is using too much water, when we suspect there may be a leak or other issue, and when you should actually go resolve them.

We've done this in thousands of buildings and, on average, we've found that buildings that use this free service will save over 10% on their water bills over the course of the next year.

It's an absolute no brainer win-win. We're making this product completely free because we want to help people cut their water usage across the country.

Your local utility may pay you to find leaks.

We also have another paid product that helps you directly find where those leaks are using wireless devices that snap onto your risers.

Most utilities will even pay you to install these (smart controls) because using them improves energy efficiency with heating and cooling systems, in addition to reducing excess water usage. You can check to see if your building is eligible here.

If you're not tracking and reducing your water usage, you're almost certainly putting your building's financials figuratively and literally underwater.

Get started with the free water analysis tool here: