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$50 million in energy saved


Today, we're celebrating $50 million in energy saved! 

It’s a huge amount of money (and carbon) saved for buildings across the country. 

For more than ten years now, thousands of owners and operators have logged in to Runwise every day to operate their buildings a little more efficiently. 

The result is this little smart control platform Jeff, Mike, and I dreamed about ten years ago has now become one of the largest reducers of energy waste in the country.

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To celebrate this milestone, I asked the people who have been using Runwise, what they’ve learned along the way. 

Here’s some of my favorite things they said… 

  • Lance Dashefsky, Co-Op Board President, said, "We're getting more money back out of the system than we put into it. And that's the definition of success.
  • Paul Xuereb, Vice President of Tri-Star Equities, said, “If you look at the budgets that I look at, that energy line item is a huge number. Runwise helps us use these resources wisely.”
  • Cody Stryker, Property Manager, said, “In the five years since we've installed Runwise at our buildings, we've saved millions of dollars already.”

$50 million in energy saved is a pretty amazing thing, and it’s even more special when you know it’s making the cities we all live in cleaner, safer and more affordable as a result.